The Topsy TurvyŽ Strawberry Planter As Seen On TV is the best way to grow strawberries at home. The innovative Topsy TurvyŽ hangs upside down and gravity naturally causes the water and nutrients to pour directly down from the root to the fruit. Each port holds 2 plants for an even bigger yield! Simply place any strawberry plant in the Topsy TurvyŽ, add potting soil, and water.

The sun warms the plant like a greenhouse, the root system explodes and thrives inside the planter. Plus, hanging in the air helps reduce any ground fungus, harmful bacteria, cutworm damage - no need for pesticides, digging, weeding and makes berry picking easy!

You can also grow herbs like parsley, oregano, basil, rosemary, mint and more in your strawberry planter!