Stretch Genie stretches shoes and gloves to a perfect fit. Stretch Genie, as seen on TV, is the easy to use spray. Just spray StretchGenie inside shoe, the special formula penetrates quickly to relax and soften the fibers, then just slip your foot in the shoe and it stretches and expands to the perfect size.

Comes with Stretch Genie expanders to expand the width of your shoes over night. Adjustable knobs gently expands she width. The compact design can reach tight fitting areas and the contour knobs take the shape of your foot.

Go from a B to a C even a D. Stretch Genie works to widen the toe box, heel and insole itís that easy to customize most shoes.

Great for tight gloves. Say goodbye to the pain of ill fitting shoes and welcome the newfound comfort that Stretch Genie can provide. Buy Stretch Genie at today your feet will be glad you did

4 oz. bottle of Stretch Genie,
1 pair of Stretch Genie Expanders