Mr.Beer® is the industry leader in quality, value and simplicity. The Deluxe Edition Beer Kit As Seen On TV is the lowest priced home brewing system on the market, and the finished product tastes fantastic -- which makes it a great starting point for the beginning brewer. It comes with everything required to brew 1 batch (2 gallons) of outstanding beer, and all the equipment is totally reusable.

The included brewing ingredients are carefully selected from among our most popular standard refills. These are the most basic, easy to use and economical recipes on the market today. Each refill contains all the ingredients required to make one 2-gallon batch of beer.

Kit Includes:
Brewing with Mr.Beer® -- Brewer's Guide

2 Gallon Fermenter - Each fermenter is completely reusable and will make 2 gallons of award-winning beer with every batch.

Brewing Ingredients - Includes 1 Standard Refill: West Coast Pale Ale. Each refill includes 1 hopped malt extract (HME), dry brewing yeast, Booster™ and One-Step™ sanitizing cleanser. Produces an alcohol content of 3.7%.

Reusable Plastic Bottling Caps - Each kit includes 8 reusable plastic screw caps and labels. These caps are designed to fit most PET bottles that previously held carbonated beverages.