The patent-pending Luminous Envy™ Tanning Bed As Seen On TV can be used on solid ground or as a float in pools, lakes, rivers, and more. The angled sides keep it from taking on water and the reflective material keeps you warm, so you can use your Luminous Envy Tanning Bed during early spring and late fall months, as well as all summer long!

Golden Glow! The Luminous Envy Tanning Bed As Seen On TV is specially designed with angled side-panels and lined with highly reflective material that enhances the sun’s rays. Get an all-over tan in less time for the sun-kissed look you love!

Health Benefits? Studies show that vitamin D deficiency is sweeping the country. Scientists agree that natural sun exposure is the most efficient way to get the vitamin D you need to stay healthy.

Get Happy! In addition to the health benefits, research findings indicate that sunshine also boosts serotonin levels, the body’s “happy hormone,” which is why we tend to feel happier and more energetic when it’s sunny outside.

Lay Back and Relax! Why tan in the confined space of a bed or booth when you can stretch out, roll over in comfort and rest your head on the attached pillow for the ultimate in relaxation. The stability and room to maneuver in this oversized inflatable tanning bed makes your standard skimpy pool float a thing of the past.

Luminous Envy and FREE Air Pump