The Justice Coin commemorates Seal Team 6. September 11, 2001 - the terrible events of that day will live in infamy, but the United States would ensure that those responsible would pay the ultimate price. Finally, after 10 years our nation savored the taste of justice. Now, the Historic Coin Mint is making available the Justice Coin, as seen on TV, this rare,
commemorative coin paying tribute to the
Navy SEALs who carried out Operation
Geronimo, Seal Team 6.

The Justice Coin is a collector’s item
and richly layered in 24 karat gold. The silver
edition is richly layered in pure silver.
This package is valued at over $260.
The Justice coin in commeration of
the events of May 1, 2011.

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide

Whether We Bring Our Enemies To Justice
Or Bring Justice To Our Enemies, Justice
Will Be Done.
President George W. Bush

Justice Has Been Done.
President Barack Obama

Includes: • 1 Gold Justice Coin
• 1 Silver Justice Coin
• 2 Acrylic Capsules
• Certificate of Authenticity
• Military Briefing Pack
Includes Photos, US Navy SEAL Creed,
Map & Operational Details