Cook Air Grill Complete Kit As Seen On TV is a most powerful, portable grill on the market with Turbo effect cooking created by the blower system makes it the quickest grill on the market. Sear you meat and keeps juices inside. Enjoy an incomparable taste (wood smoke), different tasted depending on the kind of wood (oak, maple, wild cherry, and more)

The 14 inch stainless cooking grid, fits 3 big porterhouse steaks and is ready to cook in less than 5 minutes. The safest grill: no propane or explosive fuels. Already assembled, just lift the lid to assemble. Digital control panel (5 different blower speeds), higher speed, more heat.

12 ft AC plug and car-boat adapted, carry bag, stainless wood tongs, wood bag, fire starter paper, stainless warming rack, user guide DVD included