WACC21 Blackjack Counting System, as seen on TV, the original Blackjack Card Counting Deck. Blackjack is the most widely played casino game in world. Learn the secrets of card counting with WACC21 Blackjack Counting System and know when to bet, when to hold, when to fold. Easy to learn and 100% legal practically does the counting for you. Unique, high quality cards with color coded counts make WACC21 an easy to learn counting system.

Casinos know that card counting works and they donít want you to learn the system. Play like pro with WACC21 Blackjack Counting System learn when to increase your bet, double down, split or stand against the dealer. The only deck that teaches you how to increase your odds of winning at Blackjack!

Bonus 50 Expert Tip Cards that feature key strategies and important blackjack secrets. Deck includes basic strategies cards, tutor cards, myth cards, skills of the game cards. Buy WACC21 Blackjack Counting System at the official As Seen On TV store today!

2 WACC21 Counting Decks and 1 Expert Tip Deck