The Belly-Bean® As Seen On TV is the creative workspace solution for laptop users who have left their desks behind. Perfect for the student who is always on the go, the entrepreneur who is working his/her way up, or the retiree who still enjoys being on the go, but always close to family with this laptop. Belly-Bean® is the ideal lap desk for those who are convalescing or those whose mobility is challenged.

If you have freed yourself from the confines of a cubicle, but still require functional workspace, look no further. The Belly-Bean® was created so you can...

BE who you want to BE, wherever you want to BE

The original -and only- Belly-Bean® As Seen On TV is sleek, sturdy and contours to your body. There's room for your mouse and a notebook on either side and the revolutionary EVA foam backing prevents heat transfer (keeping you cool) and prevents it from sliding off your lap.

1 BellyBean in your choice color