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Bake Pops are the latest sensation. Now, you can make these delicious treats in your own home! It’s so easy. Just fill the specially designed Bake Pop pan with ANY cake mix, put on the custom lid and POP it in the oven. Before you know it, you’ll have 18 bite-sized cake pops ready to decorate and eat! Similar treats cost bundles at your local bakery, and you can create any cake pops you can imagine. The are perfect for birthdays, holidays or anytime.

Bake Pops are the surefire way to please everyone in your family! And now’s your chance to get everything you need to make, decorate and serve your Bake Pop creations! For a limited time, you'll get a complete set – including the Idea Guide, 18 sticks, 18 wraps, 18 ties AND the decorating squeeze bottle – for the super low price of $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. Order today and you can take advantage of the bonus Bake Pop offer, just pay separate $7.99 processing That’s two COMPLETE sets for the price of one!

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